Engineering and Development

Engineering and Development

VME specializes in developing custom blockchains, and software engineering.  Java, Node, C++, .Net, Ruby, Python, the list goes on.   VME can assist from filling gaps in existing teams to full-scale solutions.   VME works in a wide variety of industries and can champion an entire project from planning to launch.   We know that launching a new project is time intensive as you work to get to market as quickly as possible.  VME also understands that development before fundraising can be required.  VME can work within your budgets and adopt a compensation plan to fit your project.

Traditional startup environments come with a host of challenges, and when those projects are in the blockchain space, those same challenges are amplified.

  • Blockchain projects move faster
  • There are fewer blockchain developers
  • Investors are harder to come by
  • Projects face public code review and scrutiny in a way a traditional software product would not.
  • Security is paramount
  • International support is critical

VME can help! With decades of experience in engineering and engineering management, VME knows how to get your idea out of your head, onto paper, and into functional code that will launch as quickly as possible. In the ICO space, our expertise extends to token creation, smart contracts, wallet creation, crowd sales, and ICO Launch. We can even help you get your new project tokens listed on global crypto-exchanges.

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