Business Planning & Strategy

Business Planning & Strategy

Planning a mining operation is critical! From startups to established mining facilities, proper planning makes the difference between a profitable enterprise and business collapse. Proper business planning can provide you with the information needed to make more sensible medium and longterm plans for growth or shift direction. VME can help you to create a plan to scale your operations by forecasting market conditions based on our unique and proven algorithms, bringing some sense of predictability to the volatile crypto-mining space.

Next-generation mining equipment, return on initial investment, algorithmic difficulty adjustments, crypto-conversion penalties, tax liability, and infrastructure improvements are just a few of the challenges facing mining operations today.

Many mining operations have grown out of basements and garages to become highly profitable enterprises but may not have seasoned management teams to create medium or longterm planning and strategy.

Successful planning can amplify profits, find profits where none seem to exist, and turn break-even operations into rain-makers.

VME has decades of experience planning startups and auditing existing businesses. We seek out profits, reduce expenses, and create practices that are sustainable for your organization. Engaging with VME means having a partner that understands your business, your challenges, and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Do you know what your cash-out price is?
Do you have soft-exits planned?
Are you mining the right algorithm ratios?
Do you have investment strategies planned for your earned crypto?

VME can help you budget your operations, create scaling plans, and understand when it’s time to shift focus from one area to another.

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