Equipment Acquisition

Equipment Acquisition

Crypto-mining is a new industry that is inundated with accentuated challenges. On a daily basis, the successful mining operation will be faced with supply shortages, overpriced resale markets, new equipment releases, and international import & export restrictions and regulations. Getting what you need in a reasonable time is a difficult task even for an expert. Every minute you’re not mining, you’re losing revenue and with crypto, that revenue value is tied to market-potential which makes equipment acquisition one of the most expensive and risk-filled tasks a mining group can have. VME draws from a proven and large network of manufacturing relationships and vendor relationships which have given us a leveraged position in sourcing the equipment you need, in the least amount of time, while incurring the lowest risk possible.

Due to the limited supply of ASIC miners being distributed by manufacturers, it can be very difficult to source miners affordably. New batches sell out almost as soon as they are put on the market, making it nearly impossible for average businesses to get buy. Going to the retail market is an option, but retailers tend to apply high mark-ups.

Most of these manufacturers are located abroad, and require either payment via wire transfer or crypto payment, leaving very little recourse if your equipment arrives damaged or never arrives at all.

Another challenge posed in acquiring equipment is keeping your business discrete and your identity anonymous. There is no guarantee that retailers will keep your identity and address confidential, opening up potential risks.

The way to acquire equipment at reasonable prices is to have access to a large number of vendors. This increases the likelihood of finding miners that meet budgetary requirements, either directly from manufacturers or from retailers. If you are looking to make a bulk order, vendors will be willing to negotiate prices down to reduce inventory.

Having a trusted intermediary handle business with vendors is an effective way to protect buyers’ investments and identity. VME can negotiate with vendors to get the best price, and handle payment and shipping, while protecting your business and your identity.

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