Real Estate Planning

Real Estate Planning

Finding the right location to set up or expand a mining facility is a task that can eat up weeks to months of your time. Sometimes the best place is remote, and not just because of electric utility pricing. Electricity prices are important, but the site itself is more important because the wrong floorplan or exposed walls can create heat issues that eat up any savings you may have had with lower electricity rates in a heartbeat. Do you know what the regulatory environment for crypto-mining is in the new location? Did you know that, frequently, it’s more cost effective to set up a facility at a higher cost electricity location when there is more accommodating permitting/zoning and certainty around regulation?

The primary focus of newer mining operations tends to be electricity cost. Miners chase electricity costs around the world, thinking that they are going to maximize profits with cheap electricity. What about regulation?

  • Does the local government frown upon crypto-mining?
  • Are there going to be obstacles present in obtaining an occupancy certificate?
  • Is the Fire Marshall going to sign-off on your permits?
  • Is the electricity provider going to place moratoriums on crypto-mining?
  • What is the rental cost-per-square-foot in the location you are considering?
  • How much is minimum wage?
  • What is the tax environment?
  • Can you get insurance?
  • What are the lease requirements?
  • Can you modify the building?
  • Are there local businesses that are qualified to fix networking or electrical problems at your location, discreetly?
  • Does your location invite increased security risks and additional security investment?
  • How costly would it be to fly staff or consultants out to that location, regularly, to solve problems?

Finding the right building, in the best possible location, is a bigger puzzle than calculating KW/h cost.

Real Estate solutions are in our DNA. VME has a unique perspective on solving property issues that extends all the way to our leadership team. Finding the right fit, building layout, local service providers, and location can make the difference between a successful operation and a regret. VME executives have decades of real estate experience ranging from commercial to residential, and our President has a 3 generation pedigree of real estate investment, brokerage, and finance. VME can help you find the right property to keep your CAPEX as affordable as possible while adhering to your vision for your organization.

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