Site Planning

Site Planning

Mining facility layout planning is critical to maximizing revenue. An efficient and optimized layout can make the difference between hosting 150 ASIC miners and 500 similar miners. Planning a mining facility can feel like a guessing game because most operations don’t have hard-data on effectiveness until the power is switched on. This can be a simple as rack configurations and, with a lot of miners, can be focused more on heat mitigation and power delivery.

What worked at your last facility might not work here. In fact, what worked for you last time, might cause a crisis here. Each site will raise questions about proper optimal layout conditions.

  • Which walls will your intake & exhaust be positioned?
  • Are you attempting a hot-aisle / cold-aisle setup? and how tall are the ceilings?
  • Do you have dust issues?
  • Where are the electric panels? And, what is the conduit path for electricity?
  • How secure is the property?
  • Does your planned layout make monitoring effective?
  • When you upgrade the electric service, can you get the increase you need?

Planning a site before work boots touch the floor is essential to your success.

VME can help. Every facility behaves differently and it is only through successful experiences in multiple environments, that pre-planning becomes more reliable. The upfront costs of planning can feel like a deterrent, but these costs easily save you significantly more over time. This is especially true for facilities that have hit a wall and have to reconfigure on the fly. VME can assist you in planning your entire facility before work even begins.

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