Utility Negotiation

Utility Negotiation

With electricity prices being a primary expense in the field of mining, it’s common to search for locations where the standard rates fall into a lower range. Did you know that electricity rates can be negotiable? Did you know that economic development zones may be able to provide relief for new businesses looking to expand within a community? Many operations never attempt negotiations with their utilities, most don’t know it’s an option, and others aren’t sure where to begin.

Other than dealing with deregulation in certain locations (supply vs. transmission), there aren’t a lot of obvious ways to save on electricity. Most utilities don’t have published methods of finding a business development team to address conversations about rates and flexibility. While power is still a product that must be sold, many utility representatives are unaware that pricing can be negotiated and inquiries can fall into a black hole.

VME can help! VME has successfully negotiated rates, and service upgrades saving clients up to 80% on their supply costs. In many cases, even transmission rates can be negotiated depending on the utility.

Remember that an electric company still has a product to sell, they prefer that you are purchasing that power directly from them and not from a competing supplier. Huge amounts of power which are generated by electric utilities go unused each year and by working with the right channels VME can help you to reduce your rates while helping the utilities reduce their surpluses. This is a win/win scenario that creates jobs and reduces waste.

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