Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Is your business or group looking for a speaker to discuss Bitcoin, Blockchain, or Cryptocurrencies? From business gatherings to international conferences, VME has the experience and knowledge to present topics, answer questions, and educate audiences about this fascinating but complicated space. Team building exercises around blockchain concepts and the realities of doing business in the world of public ledgers can increase your ability to adapt to the changes that are coming to the technology space.

Do you represent a bank or financial institution that is beginning to receive inquiries from your customers about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies?

Are you part of an Angel group looking to understand the blockchain space better, in order to appropriately steer investments?

Do you teach technology in a K-12, or Higher Learning institution and are looking to expand your students reach in terms of new and innovative fields of study?

Are you hosting a conference and looking for speakers to lead workshops, give keynotes, or sit on panels?

VME is ready to assist. We believe that adoption and understanding are the best ways to grow the blockchain space, but we also recognize that for many… Blockchain technology is mysterious to many and finding the correct answers to thoughtful questions can be challenging.

How will blockchain affect your business in the next 24 months? Let VME help lead your team in thoughtful discussions to find out where blockchain can fit into your business or organization.

Looking to begin or expand a crypto-mining operation?